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"Now my business is going in the direction I feel more authentic in, I feel more powerful then ever and I feel I am on the right path. I feel so much stronger. Thank you so much."

Birgit Kunzli

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Digital Transformation Expert

Emi Olausson Fourounjieva

Digital Transformation Expert, Visionaire, Leader, Educator, Speaker. Advisor in the global network for retail executives.

I hold a PhD degree in IT Management, an Engineering degree in IT and a Digital Analytics / Digital Marketing Expert degree.

I believe that Transformation must be boosted, in addition to the power of data, research, algorithms and technologies, by human Intuition and Creativity, in order to get harmonious and sustainable development.

I use this vision in my career in the corporate world. I used to manage a team of experts working with data-driven strategy and analysis for the digital marketing, development, UX/design, optimisation and content creation.

Competence, EQ and empathy are critical factors for creating a balanced environment where people enjoy being and creating success stories.

Karina Ladet

Karina Ladet

Intuitive Business Mentor for heart-centred entrepreneurs
I’m an internationally sought after intuitive channel who mentors conscious entrepreneurs to embrace their purpose.

I see who you truly are and help you release what’s holding you back and reconnect with your soul’s purpose. My gift is to create a safe space where you feel so deeply supported and loved that you can share your gifts and light with the world and lead with heart.

During the last 8 years I have created retreats and workshops worldwide, co-created 2 hugely successful European business events and created several signature programs.

I’ve learnt so much and grown immensely thanks to investing thousands of dollars in the best heart-centred mentors, business programs and masterminds.

The more I align with my soul’s purpose and my core values the more I enjoy my life.


"It was so great to get a helicopter perspective from the expert team due to their experience and smooth approach! I reviewed my strong areas and will keep working on fortifying the weaker ones."

Daniel Svensson

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